The Lies of Stouffers. Lies Damned Lies.

Watch the commercial here:

Mrs. Stouffers Company History Commerical


“By 1924 Mrs. Stouffer raised two boys, INSPIRED a business in Cleveland, and raised the standard for easy homemade family meals.”

What the absolute fuck?  Does this seem fake to anyone else?

Here’s the actual history:

Stouffers Wiki Article


A father and son started a creamery.  The wife and mother was there too.  Sure she was inspirational…  but  what else?

Was she running the business and posing for photos (the frozen food scene in the 1940’s was hot news… WHAT A SCOOP!) All while her sheepish dumb faced husband looks on!  To that point how old is he in this commercial?  14?


I’ll ask again, what does that mean to “inspire a business”?  That is some fancy footwork with the words Stouffer.  Everything just short of bold face making shit up.

Did she inspire her husband to resign his job to run one of the creamery’s dairy stands?

Did she inspire him to turn it into restaurant?

Oh, here it is…

The Stouffers converted the operation into a restaurant which served buttermilk, sandwiches, and Lena Stouffer’s homemade dutch apple pie[2] (credited by some as the reason for the almost instant success of the restaurant).


She made a fucking apple pie!  (Probably more than one…  but there’s not evidence of that and I’m a male chauvinist soooo…)


Her sons took the company public.  Her sons diversified the business and set it up to be what it is today.  Was she a great wife, a great mother, a help to the business?  Damn right.

Was she the fucking founder?

Was the reason for the long term success and global domination?


So why does this commercial exist?

Stouffers is lying to you ladies.  They are telling you these lies and at best half-truths so you will feel like a “empowered” and buy their feminist understanding products.  You are being pandered too.

They are using you.  Do not reward this bullshit with money.

Women do not need to take credit for the work of others in order to be great.

Why not make this commercial about family?

Why not make this commercial about immigrants who worked hard?


Nope, in their sexist minds Mom does the shopping.  Lie to mom.  Lie right to her face, and she’ll thank you for the privilege.


You know what?  They don’t even make fucking DUTCH APPLE PIE ANYMORE!

Look no pie!


Ladies if you are looking to give your money to someone who respects women as business leaders, mothers, and wives  try here:

The Story of Marie Callenders (AND THEY STILL SELL PIES!!)

(Note:  I am still a chauvinist and you should not trust this link that I may or may not have typed with my penis.)