Planning Part 2! Dating Your Plan! (Almost there)



(This picture will make sense later!)

Last week we talked about planning and broke it into three parts.  If you missed part one go read it first.  I’ll wait.

Planning is broken up into three questions.

Part 1: Do you have plan?

Part 2: Can you show it to me?

Part 3: Can you show me your progress?


Ready?  Okay, part two…  “Can you show it to me?”


We talked about the need to have a real plan, but what about a plan that exists in realty?  If I were to tell you “Hey, hand me your plan.”  Could you do it?

Can you touch it?

Is it real, as in a part of our shared reality?

Do you get what I’m saying?  No matter how good your plan is… IT CANNOT EXIST ONLY IN YOUR MIND!


There are two reasons for this.


  • It needs to be a real thing so that you take it seriously. The issue is not that you cannot change it or even chuck it all together if it doesn’t work for you anymore but if it is a real plan that really exists then by its very nature it requires you to take it much more seriously.


  • You should be able to show it to people, but not in a Facebook way, i.e. Not in a “Look at me I am going to post one selfie from a gym… I’m so fit!  But then you eat cheeseburgers and sleep in for the next three months and bitch about being fat kinda way”.  You should be able to show your friends, family, basically anyone that means anything to you that Hey this is my plan!  This is what I am going to do with my finite amount of sand through the hourglass that are the days of my life.


Let me prove this point with a negative.  For those playing at home this is a method that proves something by establishing the opposite, for example you brush your teeth so they don’t fall out.  This is particularly effective in a call to action like we have here.

Not having a physical plan that you share with those that matter is like having a girlfriend/boyfriend you keep secret.

Maybe you are ashamed because you know you are doing something wrong?

Maybe you are aiming too low?

Maybe you are doing something that is harmful to yourself?

Maybe you are not committed enough to see it through if your friends and family don’t believe in you?

If any of the above are true then you need to rethink your plan.  Maybe you don’t deserve your plan.  Maybe you are trying the wrong plan.  Sitting in honest judgement of yourself is essential and is a natural result of making your plan real.


Is your plan something you are in a relationship with or something you just hook up with?

In base terms your plan should be something you are proud of.  If it is, make it real.






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