Don’t Waste Gas… Get a Car!


It seems right now everyone is angry.  I mean literally every single person you come across.  A lot of people, myself included will tell you that is nothing new.  I am a “nothing under the sun is new” kind of guy.  Political strife?  Nothing new; not in American history and certainly not in Ancient particularly Roman history.  Hell…  Is a new president going to take office and kill his political adversaries?  I mean straight up murder them?

If you really think that then you are not being rational… you are being hysterical and you should stop reading right now.  I can only work with rational people.  I’ll wait while you find some Youtube video to watch that finally explain everything to you but in a way that you’ve always known is true (Read: Echo Chamber).

Ok, now that they are gone…  Seriously just google “Death of Cicero” if you think things have never been this bad.  I’ll even help you out…

The Death of Cicero

Ok so what is unique about this day and age?

  • You are going through it. We are going through it.  It may be nothing compared to ancient times, or even the American Civil War (not the one with Cap and Iron Man… sigh public education…)  BUT it’s your time to go through unrest so it seems like so much more to handle.  It seems overwhelming.
  • This generation, in this country and around the modern world, is the most emotionally weak and lacks coping skills. Seriously… people are losing their minds over the worst things that could happen right now (again the rational things to fear, not the “He’s the ANTI-CHRIST!  The seventh seal is opening!  Death comes for us all!” stuff).  Why?  Its cliché but we are a microwave… Uber…  Xbox world.  If every iPhone in the world slipped into another dimension tomorrow and never came back this generation would say it’s worse than the Black Death.  So anyone comes along and says you may lose a little people freak right the hell out.

So what does have to do with anger?

People are angry, incapable of dealing with it, and losing their minds on Facebook.  Let’s unpack this.

Group A is angry.  Group A does something about it.  They elect someone, they get a law changed, hell they get a speed bump installed.  Whatever, doesn’t matter… they change something.

Group B is angry now.  They didn’t want that change.  So, they get angry and repeat the process.

The problem is that each group feels their anger is justified and the other’s group is based on


-Innate Irrational Hate



Each group sees themselves as the great hero of the story moving us forward, restoring us, improving us, saving us, and defining us… whatever.  But the other group is a racist, stupid, weak people holding us back, taking us down the wrong path, or both.

How do we end this?  By staying rational.  I am not asking anyone to give up their anger, but it must be rational.  You must acknowledge, “Yeah, you’re angry… ok so am I.  But are you rational?”

We are a nation, a species, founded on dissent and anger.  It’s great!  Things don’t get better when we calm down…  Things get better when we stay rational.

Think of it like this.  Anger is a fire… a fuel.  Rationality and reason are the motor… the engine.  You need to house your fire in machine that does work or you are just an explosion without purpose.

Once you build that purpose we have something to talk about.

Comparing anger from one group to another is like comparing Gas from Shell and Chevron.  They both burn… yeah there are differences but it’s not the world.

You put that gas in a car… a machine of purpose and engineering… a machine that does work and accomplishing tasks.  Well, then we have something look at it.

Group A’s car seats five, gets 25 miles to gallon, and has a great stereo.

Group B’s car seats seven, get 18 miles to gallon, and has cargo room.

I don’t want to hear about your gas.  I don’t want to hear about your anger.  I want to hear about your purpose, your rationale, and why your plan is worth the gas.


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