The World is a Dangerous Place… Are You Strong?

Regardless of your political leanings, religious views, or even your affinity for common sense… everyone agrees the world is a dangerous place.

Let’s get past the uncontrollable stuff.


Car Accidents.


Natural Disasters.

All that aside; let’s talk about another dangerous aspect of the world.


Consider this for a moment.

I don’t even want to get into this article.  Black guy threatening conservative woman… half of the people in this world are looking for past the facts of the story and asking “What about racial inequality?  What about gender issues?”  Those people are too far gone.

I am not talking to them.  Those of you who read this story and got a bad feeling in your stomach.  Maybe you shook your head.  Maybe sighed halfway through reading.  Maybe you felt old.  Maybe you felt powerless.

Maybe you hate Trump too, but above all that this just didn’t feel right to you.

This isn’t political.  You feel it; you know that deep down.

You people are who I’m talking to.  The rest can go verbally masturbate, I have no use for them.

Let me tell you my story.

Let’s go back to 2000.

Two white guys are running for president.

I am leaving a restaurant with a mixed group of friends.  Three females, one male, and myself.  We are discussing, not arguing who to vote for.  We were 18/19 and this was out first time voting.  We really hadn’t made up our minds.

I notice two young men approaching us as we walk to our car, they’ve overheard one of the females express an issue with one of the candidates.  They proceed to get between us and her and try to “correct” her.

This is not about sexism.  Maybe feminist would rather have us all be equal in this moment and I should have let this unfold.  Maybe some would say I was demeaned her as a woman by not letting her engage in political debate as an equal.

That same feeling you all got in your stomach reading that article.  I got that feeling.

I stood between them; hands up.

I ended conversation that I would call a confrontation.  No violence.  Just a firm stance and firmer word.  “This is not happening.”  They got the message.

Who knows how this story ends if I made a different choice?

So what about today?  What about this woman?  Should she have confronted the guy?  Nope.  Should she have thrown her drink at him?  Nope.

All this illustrates is that there is no peace in this world save the promise of the next AND what peace you make for yourself.

I am paraphrasing years of martial training and probably ripping off someone else’s quote but…


I practice violence so that I may have peace.


I recommend the same to anyone.

When confronted, I am calm because I’ve been there.  I’ve been threatened again and again.  Hit, choked, put into pain, and came back for me.

Every morning and every night I punish my body so that it will be strong when I need it to be.  This punishment gives me peace.  I do not react to danger out of anger.  I do not react to threats with overreaction, but with a measured and practiced response.


The key to all self-defense is the willingness that when the time comes you must be ready to do sudden and drastic violence.    


This is what I would tell every man is required.

This is what I would tell everyone woman is recommended.

Why the distinction?  I don’t know…  Why is it when there is violence, war, aggression men are more likely to die but woman are more likely to be raped, hurt, used, etc.?  Its life.  Pass your laws.  Argue.  Lecture.  Won’t change a thing.

Violence will happen.

Men, you will probably die if you are not ready.

Women, you will probably live but harmed.  That’s why I say you have a choice, a shitty one but a choice.

If you are not readying yourself.  Lifting.  Training.  Arming yourself (both mentally, physically with your body and without).  You are a fool.

Both men and women…  Look at yourself.  Do you look strong?  If the answer is no.  Please do something about it.

Start with this.


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