Why Am I Doing This And Why Are You Here…?

Everyone out there is starting a blog.  Everyone out there thinks everyone else cares what they think.  They don’t.  I know that.  I don’t care what most people think and I know the feeling the mutual.

Let me put it this way.

My whole life I’ve had a guide for telling a joke… whenever I tell a joke I am mostly concerned that I end up laughing.  As long as it’s funny to me that is all that matters.  If you think its funny too that’s great.  I won’t lose my laughs because you won’t laugh too.

I think the same is true for random thoughts, personal philosophies, and worldviews.

That being said…this site is primarily for me.  It is for me to write something when I need to organize the chaos of my brain.  Some of it will be sad.  Some of it will be angry.  Sometimes I will just share funny stories.

Some of it will be the whimsical rants of a mental patient.  Yes I am whimsical.

If you find a thought that helps you or a bit of humor then all the better!

The only thing I ask for from anyone who reads this is that if you like say so.  If you don’t like it well then say so as well, but please know that this content is me.  I am not trying to change the world here, just maybe add something to someone’s day or get someone to look at something new.  If you are offended then well you are taking this shit way too seriously.  If you laugh then you’re welcome.



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